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How to Breakthrough the Newbie Status

There’s a first time for everything - and real estate is no exception. It can be very intimidating to start something new, and especially when you’re taking a leap into a new career and industry. When you’ve just gotten your real estate license, it can be very easy to look around and think, “now what?” Don’t despair though, all it takes is some self-confidence to overcome that.

Self-confidence is one of those things that people can read about you, and it makes a positive impression (up to a point - cockiness is usually considered an unattractive trait). If you are confident in your own skills, self-motivated, and self-disciplined, potential clients will flock to you as soon as they see you in action. These potential clients will witness with their own eyes how determined, motivated and goal-driven you are and be impressed enough to hire you as their real estate agent. Also keep in mind that sometimes it takes a while for people to utilize your services, especially if you are meeting them organically (as opposed to meeting leads who are ready to sell). Not everyone is selling their home every year or looking for an investment property. Sometimes, you have to be out there for a few months - or longer - for people in your sphere of influence to get ready to sell. Showcase your work ethic during these months, and the clients will come.

People will appreciate, admire, and reward your drive and grit with referrals and business. People always want to see that their business contacts are working hard. When you are playing to win, it will show in your work. Motivation is key, but so is discipline - you cannot simply work, but you have to work intelligently and effectively. Another thing to note is that people are generally likely to try you out as a newbie agent so that you can gain experience. Most new realtors are excited and happy, but you have to also be smart and hard-working to make it in the industry. Showcase your intelligence and self-confidence so that the clients know what you’re all about.

Dr. Seuss puts this idea best when he says: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...”

You’ll be the agent soon - you have to decide where you are going to go. Don’t act like a newbie - act like a veteran who knows how to make things happen! One thing you must be at all times as an agent is a customer service veteran. Use your customer service skills, steer yourself in the right direction, and rock it out of the park!

When Rico was a kid, he played baseball 90% of the time. However, one season, his dad really wanted him to play soccer. Rico hated it! But, he was good at it, and scored most of the goals on the team. That’s the benefit of having natural athletic ability and some determination/drive. However, there was one game in the season where he just did not want to play. He was low energy, bummed out, and generally didn’t care about the game that day. He was playing poorly, not paying attention, and just being a poor teammate. Then, there was a moment where he made eye contact with his dad on the sidelines, and his dad gave him a very disapproving look. “You can do better than this,” the look said. From this, Rico realized that it wasn’t as much about natural ability, but the effort put forth at every single game.

At that moment, the ball came to Rico and - long story short - he scored. Then it came to him again, he scored again, for his second goal. Then, it came to him and he scored - AGAIN. Three times in a row! He tied the game and everyone cheered. But why were they cheering? His teammates were cheering for him - and so was his father - mostly because they saw the effort put in. They were proud of how he stepped up to the plate (metaphorically speaking) and really worked hard at scoring for the team. This is the same thing that will happen in real estate or any career that you start.

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