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At NJ Real Estate Licensing School you can expect an intense and high-quality syllabus designed to give you the best outcome. We have shared a copy of the syllabus here for your convenience. 

NJRELS runs our day classes which takes 3 weeks to complete Tuesday thru Friday 9am to 3pm and our evening  class is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6pm-9pm.  Which ever class you take, it will take 8 weeks to complete the class. The class is a 75 hour pre-licensing class which is 72 hours of course instruction followed by a 3 hour school exam. The course is offered in a modular format so it does not matter at what point in a cycle you join a class. None of the modules are prerequisites for any of the others - it does not matter if you learn Federal Fair Housing before Agency or vice versa. The information is related but you are able to learn each concept independent of the other and tie them together regardless of which one is covered first.


Because the class is offered in this module format, you can also switch between the day and night classes also, should that work into your schedule. 


You will be able to see a calendar online each month showing what is being covered at every session and you can cover material whenever it best fits into your schedule. You have 6 months from the day you begin to cover a minimum of 80% of the course material in person and to successfully complete our school test. You can attend as often as you would like over that 6 month period.  You can only count your hours for each Chapter once, but can repeat them as many times as you need to during the 6 months.


Once you successfully complete the school test, we upload your personal info to the state testing site and you then have an additional 1 year to pass a state exam, to get fingerprinted and to have a broker submit your information to the real estate commission for issuance of your license.


The cost of our course which includes the cost of the textbook and the school exam is $399. There are additional fees paid to other entities once you finish with us for taking the state exam, getting finger-printed and having the physical license issued.


Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to call NJRELS AT 732-443-0321 OR watch our informational videos.

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